Ukraine and the Netherlands, together we can unlock Ukraine’s potential for river transport
The Dnipro river is one of the major waterways in the Ukraine. It plays an important part in the country’s economy and accounts for approximately 90% of all cargo flows on the inland waterways. The Netherlands, through a unique partnership, wants to share its expertise to further develop the infrastructure of Ukraine’s inland waterways and seaports.
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Benefits of Ukraine – Dutch collaboration
How can a Ukraine – Dutch collaboration be beneficial to you?
You can be part of a collaboration that provides a highly developed maritime technology sector.
The partnership is supported by the Dutch government, allowing for a long term relationship and knowledge exchange on policies to develop the full potential of Ukraine’s inland waterways and seaports.
You have access to organisations that offer an integrated approach to the improvement of river infrastructure and facilities, and also offer services, products, expertise and training of the highest standards in the maritime sector.
You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a consortium of experienced Dutch maritime companies, one of the strongest maritime clusters in the world.
Why team up?

A group of Dutch companies united in the WaterwayTechHolland consortium - with support of the government of the Netherlands - aim to connect with Ukrainian partners and contribute to the improvement of the river infrastructure and facilities. They also want to support the country in sharing their knowledge and skills by offering services, products and training of the highest standards in the inland waterways and seaport sector. Furthermore, most of the members have a presence in Ukraine and are familiar with the local market.

Why the Dutch

With 400 years of experience in maritime technology, the Netherlands is a leader in the development of inland waterways and seaports. The Dutch port and river development sector are widely recognised as solid due to the strong entrepreneurial and innovative ability of the companies within the sector. The country’s inland shipping sector in particular leads in Western Europe. The Netherlands has a shipping fleet of more then 8000 vessels - the largest and advanced in Europe – shipping 9 million tons per year. The Netherlands are also pioneers in developing sustainable solutions for waterways. This knowledge is based on the ‘Building with Nature’ concept and focusses on a balance between hard and soft infrastructure in order to maximise social, environmental and economic benefits. The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the Dutch embassy in Kiev and several financial institutions – have been involved through the Dnipro Development Initiative framework since 2016. The Netherlands provides its unique expertise in the water sector and logistics to this initiative.